Friday, April 22, 2011

Writer Profile: The Compulsive Confessor

Heard about the compulsive confessor? That's Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan who writes a blog about the same name. I met her at the Kitab Festival and the Kala Ghoda Literary Festival. Here's she confessing about a break up. I like her style which is no-holds-barred and full of the angst of growing up as an independent and liberated writer in cities like Bombay and Delhi. She has talent and oodles of it and a voice to go with it. She is the author of "You Are Here," a novel (which I couldn't get my hands on thus far, and, which which I mean to read some day). I can say that she captures the zeitgeist of the times as only a woman can. In some ways I equate her with Shobhaa De, another engaging writer. Maybe, it's the left brain right brain thing, maybe it's in their genetic make up. Women are far better writers than men because they are perceptive and intuitive, whereas men are rational and systematic (I almost wrote system-driven, something which is a hangover of the corporate writing I do.). 

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