Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gaddafi's Romp with Indian Actress. Review of Ibrahim al-Kon's Book

While Libya is making waves for all the wrong reasons (Gaddafi for example), came across a review of a book written by a Libyan author. Here's a review of author Ibrahim al-Kon's Gold Dust in the review on the review it seems a story about the desert. Reminds this blogger of the excursion he made to the desert of Saudi Arabia when he was working there. He passed a nomadic settlement in the wilderness that had a few camels and sheep. Despite the kingdom's riches, the camp was basic and poverty could be viewed as the only thing that stood out.

I couldn't muster the courage to enter the settlement and speak to them. What if they were wild bedoins and killed people as a hobby? There are wild tribes still living in the deserts of Arabia. Coincidently, from afar I could make out all the men looked African though Saudi Arabia prides itself as a nation of fair people. (You know, ads everywhere with white faces, just as in India.) Guess Apartheid of colour reigns in that country too. 

While on the subject of the Libyan ruler, rumour (unconfirmed, of course) has it that he enjoyed a romp with an Indian actress who was his honoured guest. Natch! Wonder who that lady is.

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