Monday, April 18, 2011

Tsushima's Letter to Author Mridula Garg

Further vindication of my opposition to nuclear plants and nuclear bombs. I am not a naive person to say that nuclear plants are safe. I am a chemistry graduate and know what a half life means.It doesn't mean - by any stretch of an over-stretched imagination - the less than eventful life of a blogger hacking away to internet anonymity. Or, glory, whatever way you see it. 

So I was pleasantly surprised to read the following letter written by a certain Japanese gentleman Yuko Tsushima (the English is very basic) to author Mridula Garg on Monideepa Sahu's blog.

"Dear Dear Mridula,

"I want you the voice from India "No more Fukushima!".I believe we have to now cooperate against Nuclear power plant
and also of course, nuclear weapons for our planet with deep,strong anger.

"I know your own philosophy, and I learned from you the beautiful word "Dependence". All of us, all of lives are connecting, we are altogather in this world. Yes, it's true.I think now we should act as one of novelists for our planet and all of lives on this planet. At first we were shocked and then weeping for this disaster, but now we got angry with the voice "No more Fukushima!".

"When we visited you in New Delhi, it was the time many Japanese papers said India and Paki will soon begin the nuclear war, and already American embassy or Japanese embassy returned to their countries.I am feeling now this case is very similar with our case.Every people on this Earth has so great fear about nuclear power always!

"Please, tell your friends "No more Fukushima!" in India. Please, give your voice "No more Fukushima!" to me, I will send it my friends, the novelists, the poets and so on all over the world.

"with deepest love,

"Yuko Tsushima."

Truly this is touching. This also vindicates my belief that all nuclear activity - energy, bomb, whatever - is dangerous to humanity, now and for ever. Anyone who loves his/her children should not support a nuclear program though it might seem the anodyne for all our ills. A radio-active substance remains lethal and giving off harmful radiation till it reaches a half-life stage which in carbon-14's case 5730 years. Who would want to subject our children and grandchildren to such hazards?

Truly I support this movement, "No more Fukushimas." Come on, spread the word, Facebook it, Twitter it, whatever.

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