Thursday, April 21, 2011

What After the BP Oil Spill?

What have we learnt from the BP oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico? Who has been caught in their act? Read this article in Fast Company.


It has been a year since BP helped make the ultimate oil company screw-up: blowing up an offshore oil rig, killing 11 workers, and then unloading 170 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. As tempting as it is to pretend this never happened, we have to survey the wreckage. Because without a clear understanding of what has changed since the disaster, we will be blindsided when a similar accident happens in the future--and if you thought the Deepwater Horizon incident was vaguely apocalyptic, just wait until the next time around.

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prasad said...

It was a really one of the worst disaster in the history in that sector the work really tough so many precautions have to be taken while working so past is past now the workers have to take preliminary precautions while they working then these disasters will not occur again and again.