Tuesday, May 25, 2004

John Matthew's Big Blasting Blogger!!!!!!

So congress wins elections... Sonia Gandhi declines to become prime minister... a whole lot of shady characters become ministers in a coalition ministry... the media goes into overdrive... a fawning kind of overdrive... obseqious is the word... also crass... the interenet is full of shady forwarding of the Gandhi clan... wonder if what they all say is true....

I believe, India is a country that doesn't have an intellectual elite... or a class of gentlemen... who should set examples... for the youth to follow... that great hero of my childhood turns out to be a murderer and a philanderer... that great heroine of my childhood turns out to be — well — similar... I guess that is the end of youthful enthusiasm!

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

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John Matthew's Big Blasting Blogger!!!!!!

Curious thing happended today. I was on the way to work and shared a rickshaw with two girls. One of them worked in my locality and the other was new and nervous — probably attending an interview.

The new girl was going to a company I knew. She only had a Rs 500 on her. She asked the other girl and then me for change to pay the rickshaw. I didn't have any.

The fare would amount to Rs 10. I gave her Rs 10 as I knew that at the company she was going there would not be any shops around to give her change. She refused my offer. I tried to convince her that it would be difficult for her and she might miss her interview. But she still refused.

Guess she didn't trust me enough to accept Rs 10 I had given her. I have helped people in such circumstances. But I guess there is deep distrust of strangers in women. Especially when there are stories of atrocities circulating amongst them!

What could I do to convince her that my offer was genuine and with no riders attached!