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"'With more Americans looking beyond their border for affordable prescription drugs, the issue of safety must be addressed', said Robert Fraser, Director of Pharmacy.
'The rising costs of prescription drugs have left many people with some difficult choices, and having safe options available to purchase their medication starts with accreditation.'"
Online Canadian Pharmacy - Discount Prescription Drug Internet Drugstore - About Online Pharmacies:

"'Full' range of medication, just as you would find in a large pharmacy.
'Semi-Full' range of medications, covering those medication representing the majority of sales
'Popular' medications, the 10 to 50 top selling prescription drugs.
'Lifestyle' medications, such as those used for sexual enhancement, hair growth, contraception, weight loss, herpes, and smoking cessation.
'Specialized' medications for a single purpose, such as for pain, or specific medical conditions." About Online Pharmacies:

Importing prescription medication into the U.S., even for personal use, is illegal. Exceptions have been made for years (particularly since the AIDS epidemic hit in the 1980s) for drugs that are not available or approved in the U.S. but have nonetheless helped people with serious conditions. In practice, however, Americans who import medicine for private use by either taking it across the border or having it mailed to them are not typically prevented from doing so. "
Subcommittee on Health, Committee on Energy and Commerce:

"In September 1999, OCI received information regarding the Norfolk Men's Clinic and the website. Based on this information, several covert purchases were made via the Internet. Search warrants were executed in October 1999 that resulted in the seizure of prescription drugs along with numerous business records. Additional covert purchases were made from part of the Internet operation in West Virginia. Based on these purchases and numerous interviews, several individuals were indicted. In addition to defendants Pusztai and Yates, the president of a prescription drug wholesaler located in Miami, Florida, and the company itself, pled guilty to distributing midbranded drugs and to obstruction of justice. In conjunction with the indictment, a second search warrant was executed in Clanton, Alabama along with two search warrants in West Virginia. While most of the drugs sold in this operation were domestic product, some appeared to have originated in New Zealand."
Subcommittee on Health, Committee on Energy and Commerce:

"The vast majority of the shipments were identified as containing prescription drugs, which by definition have a degree of toxicity and/or risk associated with them such that they are not safe for use except under the supervision of a licensed health care practitioner (Title 21, U.S.C. section 353(b)). We believe that very few foreign Internet sellers require a prescription from a practitioner licensed in the U.S. before dispensing drugs to U.S. residents. Moreover, after detention notices were issued to the intended recipients of the 721 drug shipments, fewer than four percent responded with evidence of prescriptions or that a physician would provide oversight of the use of the drugs purchased from abroad. "
Subcommittee on Health, Committee on Energy and Commerce

Due to the huge volume of drug parcels entering the U.S. through the international mail and courier services, the requirements for notice and hearing, and our limited resources, it is difficult for FDA to detain and refuse mail imports for personal use. As a consequence, tens of thousands of parcels that FDA does not review are eventually released by Customs and sent on to their addressees
Subcommittee on Health, Committee on Energy and Commerce

The current personal importation policy permits the exercise of enforcement discretion to allow entry of an unapproved prescription drug only if the intended use is for a serious condition for which effective treatment may not be available domestically; the product is considered not to represent an unreasonable risk; the product is for personal use; there is no known commercialization or promotion to U.S. residents by those involved in the distribution of the product; and the individual seeking to import the product affirms in writing that it is for the patient's own use and provides the name and address of the U.S. licensed doctor responsible for his or her treatment with the product or provides evidence that the product is for the continuation of a treatment begun in a foreign country.

Subcommittee on Health, Committee on Energy and Commerce
eHelp Corporation

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Are You Using Your Exercise Machine As A Clothes' Rack? Free Weight Loss Articles
Losing Fat On Your Stomach. Flatten Your Tummy. No more big belly.
Sibutramine Weight Loss Pills

NHLBI, High Blood Cholesterol: What You Need to Know

National Library of Medicine & National Institutes of Health
About Cholesterol

American Heart Association
Pain: Clinical Updates May 1993 - Pain Control: The New Whys and Hows

International Association for the Study of Pain
Pain: Clinical Updates - Sept 1993 - Assess the Person, Not Just the Pain

International Association for the Study of Pain
Hair Loss and Hair Restoration in Women
Hair Loss: Causes and Conditions - Hair Loss Patient Guide
AmeriMedRx - Confidential Prescriptions, Priced right.

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domain-B - The first online Indian business magazineBIO-DATA

In the giving phase of life

Novartis India vice-chairman and MD Ranjit Shahani discusses the issues confronting the Indian pharmaceuticals industry today

John P Matthew
25 September 2003

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Business Standard ... PROFILE
Azim Premji
"According to him, what is important is not your existing knowledge alone, but your ability to keep refreshing it dynamically. "Long ago, I learnt that the future is not what happens to you, but what you make of it. Do not wait for opportunity to come your way. Actively search for opportunities and grab them when you see them. Accept the certainty of uncertainty. Things no longer hapen in a linear, predictable manner. Use yor imagination. Sometimes experience creates fixed patterns that come in the way of imagination," he said.

Monday, September 15, 2003

Indiatimes Magazine Subscription
[Ip-health] Re. Para 6 Solution of the Doha Declaration, Article 30 of TRIPS and Non-Prohibition of Exports under theTRIPS Agreement: "This article is an analysis of the
position of export in the TRIPS Agreement in terms of the patenting
provisions in various countries particularly in the USA and the EC
because of its direct relevance to the solution of para 6 of the Doha
Declaration. The analysis suggests that there was no loophole as
insisted by the USA in the TRIPS Agreement regarding absence of
provision permitting export to the countries which do not have
significant manufacturing capacities. The article starts from
discussing that presence of Article 31(f) of TRIPS stipulating that
manufacture under compulsory licensing is predominantly for domestic
market cannot be read as affecting the whole of the TRIPS Agreement.
The analysis of patent acts of various significant players in the
field of intellectual property such as the US, the EC and Japan in
terms of judicial decisions ranging from various judgments of the US
Supreme Courts and other relevant courts apart from the TRIPS
Agreement confirm that the patenting is territorial which resolves
into absence of any patenting monopoly on export of patented products.
The analysis also confirms that the related measures like =E2=80="

Saturday, September 13, 2003

EU to increase textile imports from Pakistan

By Shadaba Islam

LUXEMBOURG, Oct 29: The European Union is sticking to plans to increase textile and clothing imports from Pakistan as of January 1, 2002 despite objections raised by Portugal and Spain, EU trade chief Pascal Lamy said on Monday.

"We will ensure that necessary decisions are taken so that trade opportunities for Pakistan start next year," Lamy said following talks with EU foreign ministers.

"We do not expect a delay in our legislative procedure which requires approval of the EU textile plan by all 15 EU governments and the European Parliament," Lamy said.

The EU trade chief insisted that the textile deal with Pakistan was based on "reciprocal access," with Pakistan committed to lowering its tariffs on EU imports in exchange for increased market opportunities in the Union.

Asked if the agreement with Pakistan could become a model for other textile-exporting countries including India, Lamy said: "No agreement is a precedent."

Portugal has voiced worries that the expected rise in Pakistani exports of textile and clothing could hurt its domestic textile sector.

European textile exporters are also up in arms against Lamy's "Trade for Peace" package and have accused the trade commissioner of turning his back on the European textile sector.

"This is a flagrant example of European textile and clothing interests being sacrificed to serve a wider purpose," said a statement issued by Euratex which lobbies for the European textile industry.

Instead of market-opening measures which will provoke job losses in Europe, Euratex said the EU should give Pakistan 3 euros per head of the EU population.

EU diplomats admit that the resistance from Portugal and Spain runs counter to recent EU promises to help Pakistan cope with the economic and political fall-out from the United States military action in Afghanistan. But they remain confident that the opposition can be overcome, possibly through a move to give special assistance to Portugal's textile sector.

Lamy's proposals call for the elimination of all European Union tariffs of Pakistani garments and textiles and a 15 per cent increase in Pakistan's textile quotas.

Friday, September 12, 2003

Policies Programmes & Initiatives46. Urea is the only fertilizer which is under price, movement and distribution control and whose imports are made on Government account. The Quantitative Restrictions (QRs) on urea have to be lifted w.e.f. 1.4.2001. The freeing of QRs, including those on urea, is a commitment India has entered into in an Agreement with USA in December, 1999 following the ruling of the Dispute Settlement Body of the WTO that India’s QRs were not justified on balance of payments grounds. As urea is a controlled fertilizer, removal of QRs will have a major impact on the domestic industry. Another important issue relates to DAP which is a decontrolled fertilizer since 24.8.1992 and whose imports have been decanalized with effect from 17.9.1992. This fertilizer is freely importable and there are no quantitative restrictions on its imports but the country has also committed a bound rate of tariff of 5% on DAP. The indigenous producers of DAP are at a disadvantage as the raw materials/intermediates required for its production are not available in the country. Presently these are compensated by a higher rate of concession for indigenous DAP

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Japanese Mission to the EU:The World Trade Organization: Present State and Issues
?Fierce Creatures. Copyright Exemptions: Towards Extinction??
India Bare Acts at Helplinelaw
India : WTO To Hear Indo-EU Textile Dispute On July 8 & 9 - Textile Fashion News Fibre2Fashion
EU textile quota to grow up to 60pc by 04: Cabinet okays MoU -DAWN - Business; 16 May, 2002
Textiles and Clothing in the Mediterranean Region: Opportunities and Challenges of Returning Textiles and
The World Trade Organization
From its start in 1974, the Multi Fibre Agreement set the rules for international trade in textiles and garments made from cot
The World Trade Organization

Saturday, August 23, 2003

July/August 2003: "Journalists need to get more comfortable with mistakes. We might as well; there are probably a few in most of our stories. And it�s the best way to fight them."
Tata Chemicals: Press releases
Tata Chemicals Ltd, the pioneers and undisputed leaders in the packaged salt category today unveiled Desh ka namak, its new brand positioning and advertising campaign for Tata Salt. A paradigm shift from the rational (right brain) advertising approach to the category, the Desh ka namak platform will see Tata Salt take an emotional (left brain) platform, which has the potential to be a big category clutter-breaker
Features > A glass act: "TCL soda ash's white colour and low impurity content make it the preferred element for manufacturing high-quality sodium silicate. TCL's own sodium bicarbonate plant has a capacity of 50 KTPA. The product is manufactured from its own soda ash and marketed not only domestically but also exported to the Middle East, Africa and Bangladesh. Other manufacturers use TCL's low-chloride soda ash of consistent quality as a source of alkali in the making of sodium tripolyphosphate. "
Tata Chemicals Ltd.
Solvay Sodium Bicarbonate: "BICAR® is a synthetic and pure Sodium Bicarbonate produced using the Solvay process, requiring common salt and limestone. It has a wide range of uses as well in chemical and pharmaceutical industries as in animal feeds or human food or other industrial and manufactured products."

So Much to Write about....

Blogging is tough. I have many new ideas but nothing crystalise to writing. I know this would make a nice subject, but when I sit down to write everything evaporates, nothing is left.

It's the nature of commercial writing that is so daunting. You are required to produce instant copy and that which will elevate and impress the big executive (who knows zilch about the writing process). Problem is most of the corporate types have read the wrong types of books and it's difficult to convince them what real writing, the process is all about.

Firstly, they think that writing is what is going through their minds. They don't realize what's going through their minds are just that: thoughts. Writing is the process by which thoughts travel down from the mind, down the tendons to the finger tips, and then to paper or the screen and there are many slip-ups and dangers that can happen in this process.

Secondly, they know the end product of this laborious process: the newspaper, the glossy magazines, the well-edited brochures, etc. but do not know what effort have gone into producing these. They think they all came about with one person, not as a process as a whole. So they think that an article, a brochure, a script can be written in a few minutes (after all, it's a few words, isn't it?) and can appear in the form they want in a day. Therefore they rush the process and end up with unsightly mistakes, wrong punctuation, and bad formatting that kills the quality of the final product.

Will they learn? I don't see them learning.
Salt Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about sodium chloride: "What you always wanted
to know about salt*
*and now you have someone to ask.
What is salt?
Where does salt come from?
Are surface salt deposits visible from space?
Does salt have historical significance?
Any consumer tips on using salt?
Where is salt produced in North America?
How much salt is produced in the U.S.?
How much salt is produced around the world?
What technologies are used to produce salt?
What is 'solar evaporation'?
What is 'solution mining'?
What is 'vacuum pan evaporation'?
What is 'rock salt'?
By production technology, how much salt is produced?
What's the biggest use of dry salt?
What's the biggest use of salt in brine?
Why do we use salt in cooking and food processing?
Where can I get recipes featuring salt?
What's more important: health outcomes or blood pressure?
What about salt and blood pressure?
What do doctors think about sodium and hypertension?
Do studies show cutting dietary salt reduces heart attacks?
What's the latest major study about dietary salt and health?
What does the prestigious Cochrane Collaboration say about 'Reduced dietary salt for prevention of cardiovascular disease'?
What's the latest major analytical review on dietary salt science?
What's the latest major analytical review on dietary salt policy?
What about salt and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
Do athletes need extra salt?
Why do we use iodized salt?
Is salt the best highway deicer?
How does salt compare to alternative deicers?
Why do animals need salt and trace minerals?
Why use salt in your water softener? (hint: searc"

Learning the Ropes of Blogging

Blogging is all about keeping record, seeing things and reacting to situations, news, inspiration, whatever. How it comes out depends on the frame of mind that one may be in at that moment. There may be millions recording their private thoughts in the blogosphere (that's what blogging domain is all about) and this may lead to an overflow of information - some of them misplaced - in cyber space. What does all this mean. Blogging is also a responsible craft. The blogger being writer, editor, critic and publisher it is upon the blogger to exercise restraint in what he/she writes.

So, Salty You Want It Eh?

Doing a lot of research on what Tata Chemicals does. I find that it is one of the leading manufacturers of salt and it's from salt that Soda Ash (Sodium Hydroxide) is manufactured, and, obviously common kitchen salt. Who could have thought that Tata Salt came all the way from Porbandar or thereabouts to adorn our palates and tastes.

Writing the Tata Chemical Website

I am re-writing the Tata Chemicals website and its an interesting task, full of challenges though. Got the hang of its structure and am research contents to include the various products manufactured by it. Simultaneously, I am also editing and uploading to the website. It's a tough task, considering you have to design and write something completely new and have to impress the company to brass. I have also heard that the company's top man is a hard nut to crack, and a sticklet at that. Correct me if I am wrong.

What's It Anyway?

Still lost but getting the hang of blogging. It takes a lot of my time finding out, how to do it, solving the glitches, painstakingly uploaded pages disappearing without a trace, links going haywire, it's too difficult I guess.

Been reading some other blogs to find out what's going on. Guess it will take sometime, but what the heck, I have time on my hands and the employer's internet connection.
Hi this is my first blog! I don't know how this works!! But I am game enough to try!!! Ah! seems there are some instructions... I will have to sit and read them... till my eyes pop... okay so here goes....