Monday, April 18, 2011

Beauty and the Geek - Give Me a Teeny-weeny Break, Pliss

I am not a great watcher of reality shows. But Ronnie loves them, which I attribute to a certain naivety of the age. After all, I have been through that age and when we have lunch or dinner watch it for a bit of entertainment, because it is sometimes hilarious without attempting to be. Get it? 

The show airing is "Beauty and the Geek". So there's this Prof. Andy who looks not like a professor but a woman with a beard donning a suit and pretending to be a professor in bow tie and baggy trousers. As for his standard phrase, has anyone heard a professor say "Wow," repeatedly, in a high-pitched tone? The idea is to match a geek with a beauty except that the geeks don't want to share a room with a beauty! Can you imagine that? Jumping jacks, what am I hearing? Geeks in the show do not want to share a room with the beauties because, as they say it, "what will our parents say?" C'on geek grow up, any geek would give his right hand to be with a beauty in India, you bet.

Furthermore, geeks don't mean ugly lot who are anyway rejects. All the guys have pustules, beards, long hair, and plenty of shyness. Yes, I thought geeks would at least be an articulate lot. Not these geeks. Sorry, boys, wrong choices. Geekdom doesn't mean freakdom. Give me a teeny-weeny break wilt thou? 

Then there is this outdoor set with a lot of books kept in a book shelf. The shelf looks odd. What books do these people read? Certainly Chetan Bhagat novels. The professor shouts and the geeks all nod their heads. They are shy Mamma's boys, you see. No, no, I am not very intelligent, a beauty says but the geek she got hardly knows anything except his physics and chemistry books she confesses to the camera.

The result is a maha bore, as Shobhaa De would say. Left the drawing room immediately to write this blog because what I was seeing was extreme intellectual vapidity unlike the intelligent conversation I heard on... I forget that serial about geeks on ---- television channel. Somebody fill this gap for me please.

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