Sunday, April 17, 2011

Reflections of a Sunday Spent in an Exhibition

The whole day was spent in an exhibition related to my line of work - real estate. Though I have been to plenty exhibitions as a visitor I had never attended it as a person who gives information and - well, er, sort of sells, for the company I represent. I must have interacted with around 150 people in the course of a day and, somehow, I liked it. There's not a better place to study human nature and the trends that go unnoticed in a city except in an exhibition. Besides, I learnt how to be non-judgmental and easy with people and not to ignore the needs of every person. A big buyer in a project happened to be quite a rustic looking chap. I was sort of stumped by the enthusiasm, the energy, the drop-dead-gorgeous-ness of it all. I guess I took away a lot of good things and I talked till my jaws ached. I now know how demanding is the sales profession (I work more on the branding and marking side).

Now, launches and exhibitions have a sexual aspect. Truly. Hostesses in some stalls dressed in minis and I can't say they attracted more visitors but there were oglers aplenty at the legs on display. Human nature is incorrigible! But no whistles, no cat calls, no what may be called "untoward incidents" by the press (hehe), because we were bound by an ethics of the profession we belonged to. After all, everybody knows everybody and it isn't nice. No? Makes me wonder why men are so gentlemanly in a formal function and let themselves go on the roads and trains. There was security people also, all beefcakes with bulging pectorals. But still an unruly bunch managed to get in and stage a demonstration.  

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