Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jessa Crispin a.k.a. the Bookslut

Jessa Crispin a.k.a. the bookslut has this to say about living in infinite worlds and about string theory on Barnes & Noble.

"I better understand now why so many of the mathematicians who put their hands on theories of the infinite hanged themselves in hotel rooms or were carted off to the asylum. Faced with an infinite number of myselves, I did not feel expansive and infinite. I felt trapped in a tiny fragment, one that was perhaps getting everything wrong. It felt unfair that I couldn't check in with the others, do a little side-by-side comparison."

And then she goes on to add another thing that seems pretty much like a split personality:

"We all carry around what the poet Eavan Boland calls our "anti-history," "a place where some turn was taken that seemed to put the future in doubt." If that turn was traveling beside you, in human form, chatting you up, living your unrealized potentialities, disabusing you of the self-delusion that helps us live life without regret constantly bursting through our membranes, you'd stop returning his calls, too."

Hm.... Agree or not agree? I am still wavering. But this sure is a bit slutty. Hm. 

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