Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Naked Man Supine on Platform No. 2 (Part II)

That's not the end. Read my previous post here and then read the sequel below.

When the water was poured over him, the naked man got up. He reached for a white loin cloth and proceeded to wind it around him. From his features he seemed well kept except for his beard. I knew he was of a good upbringing from the way he arranged the fan-like folds of the soiled loin cloth. He wound it around his fingers expertly so that it formed the shape of a Japanese fan, which was then tucked in at the waist. A wastrel would just wind it in a rather perfunctory manner. This showed he was a man of a good upbringing. Then he began walking away. That's all I saw of him.

It's scary and it's upsetting. This shows our callousness to our elders. We never acknowledge the fact that we will also grow old one day. Couldn't it have been handled without crudity and the vulgar profanities? Has the uncouth man who poured water heard of Alzheimer's - the syndrome of which is forgetfulness of one's own whereabouts including ones own home? Sufferers wander away and don't return, they become derelicts. Maybe, this man is one such.

I had visited SEAL an organisation that works for destitutes and learnt about a man who had Alzheimer's who was re-united with his family after a few years. Maybe, the man's best years are behind him, but is anyone justified in treating him thus? Can crudity and vulgarity replace love and compassion that he needs.

I know I am asking a rhetorical question that begs no answers. But the issue needs to be addressed.

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