Friday, April 15, 2011

Chinese Author Chi Li to Write a Book on Chinese Men

Chinese author Chi Li, one of the country's best-known writers, is writing a book (what else?) that focuses on Chinese men (who else?). I have read Shobhaa De's Surviving Men and liked it immensely and think it reflects Indian men rather acerbically and true to style. (Why for instance does an Indian man's hand hover around his crotch, scratching, adjusting it all the time?) I don't know what Chi has to say about Chinese men. Do they have a similar obsession with their, hm, tool? Here's an excerpt from her interview in

"There are only men and women, so as a good author, you have to understand men," Chi says, who worked as a doctor at a Wuhan hospital.

"Facing disease and death every day, literature was a way of facing life and praising it for Chi.

"Life is a beautiful thing, but there is dying and suffering. Literature, however, can describe the beauty and re-live it many times."

Must say she toes the official line.

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