Saturday, April 02, 2011

Cricket World Cup Finals Today! (:As if you don't know:)

Oh! The fervour, the jingoism, patriotic fever pitch, the hooliganism! It's the cricket World Cup Finals and I happen to work close to the Wankhede Stadium where it is being played. I could see the magnificient lights that rise like some futuristic flagpole over the jagged buildings, I could hear the screams and shouts of the crowd which had already gathered there paying something like a common man's pay for one month to watch a game. Cricket is big business, and people have money to burn.

I mentioned hooliganism. I have heard of football hooligans, but here were cricket hooligans. In the Metro area I was in a shop buying a badminton racquet for my son (a good Yonex one made Carbon Graphite for a discounted price) and there were these hooligans pushing me aside to buy things like Indian tee-shirts, flags, stickers, vuvuzelas (the name had evaded me for some time), and other knick-nacks. They were very aggressive as if they were into something very big. And from the way they spoke and behaved they were from out of town. 

So welcome to cricket hooliganism (remember I invented the phrase)!

So there they were, the hooligans. I don't know if it is a good thing or bad. They behaved badly and I wonder if a game is good enough to show such aggression.But I am in a charitable mood being a final and seeing as I did India clawing its way to the final. The match with Pakistan was a humdinger (Something that is particularly outstanding, unusual, or exceptional).

But I don't want to be a spoil sport when India is in the finals. I don't have much passion - neither compassion - for a game I consider sluggish compared to football. So I could only stare in wonder at their enthusiasm bordering on mania for this sport of the lazy Englishmen. 

Hope we win the finals today. Writing this as I sit in front of the television with a laptop, where else, on my lap, watching, writing, watching, writing. Only wish they won't show ads when someone got out because that's like cheating viewers. 


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