Friday, April 29, 2011

Williams and Kate: The Prince Weds a Commoner

I write this as a witness to the Prince Charles Diana Spencer wedding in 1981, well almost. Our kind boss arranged for a recording to be shown to the staff on a saturday with a lunch thrown in. We liked the Royals. I liked them. They looked so regal, so white-skinned and pretty. They both were from royal families. They made a nice couple and we thought Charles would become king and Diana would become Queen. We rooted for them, cheered for them. We wanted them to be happy and together for ever. Endless love. Long live the Royal family of England. Well, what happened? That dream ended in well documented extra-marital affairs and cheating that need not be elaborated in a nice and thoughtful blog such as yours truly's.

Things we plan and hope never happen, isn't it? What happens is something totally different and far removed from the dreams we harbour in our hearts. The Royals aren't immune to that. So says the history books.

That said, it's thirty years later. Prince Charles' son is marrying a commoner. Again people are raising a toast for the future king. One should also remember that he is the third in queue for kingship. His father is next and then only him. So why this big ruckus? Again a common event is being milked for its commercial value: sponsorships, advertising, tourist income, the works. Who knows what will happen to the wedding. Will English promiscuity over-ride Church of England's Anglican vows of "To serve... in health and sickness...? Heaven knows. 

There once was a princess. She died a mysterious death under the glare of publicity and cameras. What will happen of this princess? Royalty is such an uncertain business these days. However, we love the Royals, the richest people in the world, holder of estates and palaces, focal point of the dreams of a lot of commoners. But incorrigible and intransigent nevertheless. Kate Middleton is lucky. She should thank her stars to remain so.

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Stranger in a Strange Land said...


Well, I have little respect for royals. I see them more as inbreds and the worlds altimate parasites when it comes to living off of the taxs of the common folk. Kate is not so common either. Her pappa owes a successful IT company and I will bet if I were a betting man that he will even be richer after the wedding winning many government & private contracts for this business.

I look for the truth in events, not media hipe.

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