Monday, April 18, 2011

Levi Asher's E-book Venture Called "Literary Kicks"

Here's Levi Asher announcing that he is going to start publishing e-books on his own and make it available on Kindle. Didn't know that the process was so simple that anyone could do it. And what is he calling his new baby? Literary Kicks. Hope it doesn't imply that the e-books he publishes aren't all written authors who have received their literary kicks from publishers and agents. Hehe!

"You see, the reason I've been prickly about this whole e-book thing all along is that I've always wanted to publish in electronic formats, and I'm thrilled that the technology is finally good enough to make the dream a reality. The business plan I'm about to begin executing is an aggressive one (I never do things halfway). I'm going to publish one book a month for the next twelve months."

I have not yet flirted with Kindle and e-books. Hope to do it in the near future and hope the flirtation would be enjoyable.

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