Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sale of E-books Triple Last Year

I got the link from Rasna Atreya's blog which led me to this article in Stacy Schilling's blog. The news is that the sale of e-books have tripled in the past year. And, with more and more e-book readers on the market and people snapping them up along with iphones and Samsung Galaxy Tabs it should be hunky dory for e-book publishers, no doubt. 

Nowadays, with Amazon offering to publish your books in electronic format I guess the future of books is charted. The days of mass-marketed best-sellers are over, I guess. The future is not very promising. Consider for example somebody such as Lonica Mevinsky having an affair with the president Cill Blinton and then writing an e-book, making her millions and then retiring to the Hawaii islands. That would leave the wannabe classic novelists all writing porn and Rs 0.18 paise per word content. God bless the publishing industry. 

Recently I saw a Samsung Galaxy Tab and it took my breath away, literally. Ah, what  a machine. I would like to possesses it, use it, exploit it, cherish it, love it. Hm. No such luck. It costs bl**dy 30 thousand quids. Why are all good things so unattainable? Eh?