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Speaking Assignments

Since I am a full time writer now I am available to speak at conferences, seminars, school/college annual days, festivals, TEDx, and what have you. May I let it be known that I am a trained public speaker?

Yes, I have seen a bit of the world and Indian corporate, political, and art/literary scene over my fifty-seven years of existence on terra firma. That is to say I can connect all of the above with anecdotes and my own oratorical flourishes.

This is me speaking at an unconference on Blogging at IIT, Bombay, during their festival Mood Indigo
Basically I am a writer, award-winning short-story writer, poet, songwriter, and blogger and have over the years developed my own style which is obvious from the blog you are reading. My talks are based on observing from the point of view of a writer, poet, diarist, and blogger.

And, if it is permissible, I can bring my acoustic guitar and sing a few songs I have written as well as songs that I love, written by other songwriters.

The topics I am interested in speaking are as follows:

  • Writing, editing, publishing
  • Freedom of expression
  • Literature
  • Social media
  • Management (Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations)
  • Blogging
  • Social media and internet

Do get in touch with me on my email: zenwriter[@]gmail.com.

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