Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life Is for Living and Not for Gloating

Feeling a bit down about several things. Oh, that's nothing. Actually an article I read. Never mind. These things never can be resolved just like that. Easter came and went without much fuss. The Sunday Easter sermon in church was good: simple, declamatory, direct, and to the point. A good orator at his best. He could make us smile, laugh and weep, all a the same time. But weep we do most of the time. Misery abounds more than happiness, as always.

The deaths I have mentioned elsewhere in this blog around our smallish community. Ex-boss Karl Mehta is no more. Can't believe that gentle tall man is no more. Can't believe that one bit. How is his wife and family taking it? Two childhood friends - the most jolly of the lot, dead. My father and mother, both dead in a span of three years. People whom I have known. Sister-in-law's sister-in-law dead because of a sudden illness. Brother-in-law saying, "this is what is going to come to all of us." No I am not a necrophile. I am sort of a necrophobe. There's something in death that upsets but the living has to go on.

But one sets goals, smiles at the mirror, sings in the bathroom, trues to play badminton, writes blogs, does what one is told to do without much argument or protestation. After all is this what life is all about? This watching of a generation passing away without being able to do anything. This crying over people with whom one was not in touch, or, couldn't be. Anyways. 

Life is for the living and not for the gloating.

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