Friday, April 25, 2008

On Thane Creek Bridge

When I used to travel by the old Thane Creek bridge I used to look at the rail bridge that I am traveling now and used to wonder when it will be finished so that I can travel by it. It was then in a lot of flurried construction activity, with cranes, girders, barges and tugs everywhere. Now I travel on it everyday and don't feel a thing though it is a wonderful saving in time, offers a great view of he creek, and mesmerises me everyday the way the sea shimmers below it. When I near the area, away from the awful shitty smell of the city, I draw in a long breath. At least, New Bombay (where I live) doesn't smell as bad as the city.

Makes me wonder the way old gives way to the new, my old impatience to see the bridge completed has now given way to new aspirations, and I take the old longing to ride on the bridge as old stuff, to be cast away, like the small boat I can see now bobbing in the creek.

Seems we are ungrateful for God's small mercies!

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