Monday, April 07, 2008

We Indians dress like this only! And Indra Sinha's Animal's People

Didn't I say here that we Indians don't have a dress sense. A new neighbour moves in, he washes his scooty every day. Nothing wrong with that, but that he is wearing aloudly checked pajama and a loudly checked shirt...

Am reading Indra Sinha's 'Animal's People'. (I had the good fortune of making this wonderful man's and his wife's acquaintance at Kitab 2008) There's a scene (made me laugh) where the newly arrived doctor from Amrica Elli Barber disentangles a traffic jam. It's very hahaha! If you want any more laughs go to the city created by Indra for his novel. (For all ye, people who came in late, Khaufpur is nothing but Bhopal.) I bet, you will die laughing, in which case you can pay me in heaven.

Very magic realistic, must say Indra's invented plenty of new idioms with this book. Much closer to the way Indians speak than what Rushdie could attempt. Rushdie takes you nearly there, but Indra really takes you to India of obscene speech, the quirky workings of the Indian mind.

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Dr. Preeti Sharma said...

John, we've connected before. However I have only recently been introduced to your writing and I must say, I enjoy reading it.

John said...

Hi Preeti,

Thanks a lot. Takes a bow! Much honoured by your visit. Do come back again, and again, and again...

Warmest wishes