Friday, April 11, 2008

Another morning... Few more thoughts....

I guess, dear reader, the problem with us is that we are hoarding our money and not spending enough. I am not making excuses for my profligacy, which I am accused by my family, but all I am saying is we don't spend enough.

A friend wears torn shoes, recycles aluminium foils, plastic cups and things, walks half an hour from station to office, does everything to save money.

But recently he lost his wallet with a few thousand rupees in it, and a watch worth five thousand because he travels second class, the sure way to lose your money, and, with Bombay as it is, your life even. I wonder why he is still being so tight fisted and risking his life for a few rupees.

Spend more, let the money circulate is what I would say to him.

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Banno said...

Fully agree, John. Of course, you must have the money in the first place to be able to spend it. Or get saddled with huge credit card bills.