Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Picture Blogging, Any Ideas, Anyone?

My last few mobile posts haven't appeared and my picture posting on Shozu isn't functioning either. Oh! I don't know if mobile blogging is worth all the money and time I invest in it. It's expensive, blogging in general, you have to have the latest mobile phone, and they charge me Rs 14 per day for net access.

To get mobile blogging activated I had to run to the Airtel office a few times, until fed up, the zombie there told me to shoo off. They only activate Mobile Office and don't know how to activate Gmail. So I had to figure it out myself. I guess with Shozu, the same will happen. In the end I will figure out how to upload pictures and videos.

Ah, well, that's risk I knew I was taking when I took to blogging in August 2003. Once picture blogging is in place, I can shoot a picture or video and blog it almost immediately.

Only thing left is to figure out how Shozu work. Anyone has any idea?

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