Thursday, April 10, 2008

Persistence doesn't pay

There is this software giant that is so keen on employing me that there are persistent calls to me by a sweet sounding lady, at all times of the day. Guess they need my services badly. But this giant has a bad employment record and many are my friends who have given a bad report about their employment practices. Guess a company's reputation spreads fast in the market and talented people avoid them like the plague. Remember, it's the age of knowledge and information, corporate slavery is (rather was) defunct.

the problem with technology companies is that they know nothing about the writing and editing process. They think writing is as easy as 'hey presto' and it is done. But truth is, writing is an iteartive process full of repetitive proofings and corrections (ask this of any lowly editor in a newspaper or publishing house).

No, our hot shot tech guys aren't comfortable with that. They want everything pat at the first proof stage. Chasing dreams, are we? Unreasonable? Yes, of course.

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