Thursday, April 10, 2008

Boys night out... times that were....

Posting from the train on the way to work. A man just got up and I got a place to park my behind and do some blogging. Recently, a few days back, I passed Night Cravers, a fave joint of my NRI bosses at another job. It brought back memories of those days my bosses used to tke us on a boys' night out to this now-defunct dance bar.

The scenes we witnessed there were nothing short of perversion, excess, and disrespect for the Indian legal tender - the Rupee.

There was a rich man from Bangla desh, that poor suffering country, who had a man beside him carrying a tray stacked with notes, a few lakhs I was told. He was thowing, yes, throwing the money at the ceiling as if it was some sort of confetti, which then got caught in the geegaws of the ceiling or settled on the floor, and were, yes, truth be told, swept away with a broom.

The Maharashtra government started dance bars with a noble purpose, to bring performing arts to the people. The barwallas turned it into pick up joints where even girls with no knowledge of dance twirled and wiggled their ass. Soon instead of performing on a stage there were novitiate girls crudely gyrating to Bollywood beats in the centre of the restaurant. And there were men like my NRI bosses who had their favorites (apparently the available ones), who were the regulars.

What that says about the barwallas, is left to you, sweet, kind reader, who I am sure are frowning about my motives. What it says about me, well it was a boy's night out, and I got to see a bit of decadence played before me? Probably, they aren't bothered that people are dying of hunger in poor countries across the globe. As to what happened to my NRI bosses, again truth be told, a 20-crore company went down the drain four years since inception, and nothing is left of the vestiges.

Isn't compassion a virtue any more?

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