Monday, April 21, 2008

Love birds find no place to roost

There is this couple sitting opposite me talking in Malayalam. They don't know I am a Malayali (most people mistake me for a Marathi or a Bengali, something to do with my looks, I guess).

So I can evesdrop into what they are saying, and it is highly flirtatious stuff, the sort love birds twitter, the sort love releases with a lot of hormones and other secretions of the soul.

then, as I am watching them some thing happens, something that would happen only in a state like Kerala, which has its own morality brigade.

The girl has reached out and, with one finger has touched the boy on his upper arm, and, you won't believe this, reaches his index finger and touches the girl. Guess this is all they are allowed to do by our philistinic society.

I feel sorry for them as I watch them, and they don't know that, right now I am recording it for posterity.

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