Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Indian Premier League, What the Heck?

Saw ipl match between Bangalore and Calcutta on tv. If this is the future of cricket, then, sorry, you have lost a fan. Not only is it boringly commented on ('fantastic wicket' 'fantastic player' 'fantastic shot', how come every thing is so fantastic?). Where are the delirious fans? Where is the jingoism that an India Pak match used to command.

I saw a guy waving the Indian flag. Poor critter, probably thought this was an India-Pak edge of the seat entertainer.

Its pure commercialism. For example doesn't Royal Challengers conjure images of whisky, which is forbidden from being advertised? Has the Advertising Standards Council been caught napping?

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Anonymous said...

Like P. Sainath called it the new flesh trade.

Your post reminds me of that.

John said...

Hi Bricks,

Yes, Sainath is right. This is the new flesh trade.

Come to think of it, the name Royal Challengers itself is a violation of a government rule that whiskies shouldn't be advertised anywhere on the media.

Has the government been caught napping?