Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Drunk gets beaten up, coupla' other things

I wait eagerly, Imust say, to blog on the train everyday, time passes fast, I am not still comfortable with the qwerty keyboard. But anyway I am making progress, I use my thumbs to enter text, and it isn't very comfortable doing that, try it. The sunlight is like a painful reminder of the heat, the sunrays are hurtful (I had cut myself while shaving), brilliant it is, the sunlight I mean.

Worked late yesterday, came to Wadala and see big, big fist cuffs between two commuters. A drunk gets in somewhere and starts abusing commuters and they all gang up and beat him, and push him out of the train at the next station.

C'on guys, relax, I am saying, he is a drunk, maybe he is having problems with his wife, maybe he is losing his job. Isn't compassion a virtue any more?

The trains are getting uglier and hotter. Sometimes the fans fail, people lose confidence and fight like beasts. Lalloo Prasad and his children are vacationing somewhere, guess he can take the liberty.

I am commuting to the city after a long time. One thing that strikes me like a flying bat hitting my face is the smell, no, the stench. The whole of Bombay is a ike an open toilet, shit, shit and more shit, and I dislike the acrid smell of shit so much. I hold a hanky to my mouth but the stench permeates, how long can I hold on. I have seen girls wrapping their scarves across their entire face like a veil, a muslim burkha, hiding themselves from ex-lovers, eve teasers and blackmailers.

Oh, God, oh, God what has your world come to? This is not the way I saw it ten years ago. It's worse!

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