Saturday, April 05, 2008

Am wearing shalwar kurta today

I am wearing shalwar kurta today, and there are a few stares and appreciative looks. The Shakespeareans are meeting at their usual haunt of tea centre, and that's why - am sporting the 'writer' look, if there ever was one. That makes me wonder if there would be stares in the office too. But, um, who cares? As such an Indian male is a sloppy dresser, but I do try to be inventive in my dressing.

Makes me think of how women are disadvantaged when it comes to dress. Men have trousers with pockets, dhotis that can create the impromtu pocket (madi, its called in Malayalam). But women aren't supposed to have pockets (sez who?). Poor things (oops!) are left to rummage in the hand bag for loose change that they keep in another purse within the hand bag. Women friends don't go by their fashion dictats, wear what is comfortable, that doesn't mean skin tight jean stoppin just above the crotch. That I don't approve.

saw 'Little Miss Sunshine' yesterday, and, oh, I am so apalled at what lengths mothers would go to make their darlings into stars. We have the same here in 'little champs' and the like. At the mall I see a girl sashaying like a beauty queen and I wonder if this is what their mothers teach them. I say if this isn't ignorance and corruption of youth what is?

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