Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Baggage tags, Bong talk and the like....

I look around desperate for something to write today. Nothing? I saw an Indian laburnum in bloom outside my house this morning, its flowers had carpeted the floor so that it looked as if there was a thick yellow carpet on the floor.

There is tentative conversation from a gang of Bongs sitting next to me. The subject is a favorite of Bombayites: the price of flats and how he was smart enough to invest in time, how much Kharghar has developed, and how much Panvel will develop. Much is 'I am smarter than you' 'Keeping up with the Joneses' kind of talk, and each one is trying to prove that he is more successful and has made the wisest decisions. Then they talk of tonnages and how many ships are landing with its cargoes at which ports and I lose interest. I see that I can understand a bit of Bong from being with Bongs during my college days. One Saswata Deb initiated me to Bong culture, but we are hardly in touch these days.

Then I see the luggage rack above. Three of the bags have cabin baggage tags hanging from them. One is Kingfisher Airlines, and two are Deccan Airlines. I think: What does this indicate? That they want to show the world that they are somebody big who travel by air? That they have arrived in this rat racing, meme spouting, influence peddling, purgatory of a city that smells of shit everywhere? Come on, give me a break, remove those baggage tags and stop being hypocritical about two hours you spent in space in a claustrophobic tube!

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