Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My post on frivolity in the AV media

I am onthe way to work. A few rays of errant sunshine filters through people and fall on me. I have sent my essay on frivolity in the AV media to Tehelka magazine. Hope they publish it.

a few more thoughts that have been flitting through my mind, like butterflies in spring. If newspapers were to take off after AV media (as it is now) it would have been full of jokes. Yeah, men, it would sell newspapers, no? Why not? Because newspapers are the conscience of the nation, and the conscience can't be compromised, can it (though, I know there are black sheep in newspaper-sthan, too)?

so what makes the AV media so special that they can flout the rules and have all these frivolous shows that appeal to the mind of an infantile illiterate?

Food for thought ain't it?

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