Monday, August 22, 2011

This Child of an Arab Muslim - Who Came to the U.S. on a Student Visa - Is Special

For those in India who think business can't be done the honest way, here's something to mull about, nonetheless from U.S. Anil Dash writes in his blog about the amazing turn around of the U.S.'s most valued company, Apple. Just a few decades ago, I remember reading about Apple's bankruptcy and talk that it will soon be extinct. What Steve Jobs has done is rather miraculous. Who is he? Dash has this to say:

So, who is this man? He's the anchor baby of an activist Arab muslim who came to the U.S. on a student visa and had a child out of wedlock. He's a non-Christian, arugula-eating, drug-using follower of unabashedly old-fashioned liberal teachings from the hippies and folk music stars of the 60s. And he believes in science, in things that science can demonstrate like climate change and Pi having a value more specific than "3", and in extending responsible benefits to his employees while encouraging his company to lead by being environmentally responsible.

For business practitioners in India (except the Narayana Murthys, of course) who think business can't be done the honest, straightforward, uncorrupted way he has this to say:

It's a choice whether you, or anyone else, wants to accept the falsehood that liberal values are somehow in contradiction with business success at a global scale. Indeed, it would seem that many who claim to be pro-business are trying to "save" us from exactly the inclusive, creative, tolerant values that have made America's most successful company possible. I side with the makers, the creators, and the inventors, and it's about time that the pack of clamoring would-be politicians be put on the defensive for attacking the values of those of us on this side.

So who says people with liberal values can't do business the open, honest way? Certainly not Steve Jobs. I am a great admirer of his though I haven't bought a single product of his: iPhone, Mac, iPad. Why? I think they are good products, but are expensive.

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