Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Lokpal Bill: The Anna Hazare Version and the Government Version: Both in This Blogpost: You Decide

As friend and fellow writer Manjul Bajaj says in her Facebook update: "Its the discontent, the noise, the media hunger, the ugliness of it that I abhor completely."

There isn't any media worth its name which is not in a frenzy about Anna. I think creating hype is good for their staple Television Rating Points (TRPs). I can see it from the media vans that clutter the roads outside Azad Maidan. God! If there were these vehicles during the actual Civil Disobedience. Imagine Gandhiji giving sound bites like Anna gives them. Straight in the face of the television anchors, and so unfazed. Some call it the second Civil Disobedience, the second Gandhi, a second coming. I say let's wait. 

A lot of unofficial spokespersons have been basing their diatribe on a lack of knowledge. I think it's the "Argumentative Indian" which is at the forefront here: grumble, grumble, complain, complain. Because the ignorance is huge. The misconceptions, terrible! Nobody knows anything about Anna Hazare or the bill except that it is against corruption. As Manjul states, "the, noise, the media hunger (frenzy?), the ugliness which I abhor," how well expressed.

I have not read the Jan Lokpal bill.So I went on the net and got together the two versions so that people can read them in one place and discuss and debate:

Here's the Anna Hazare version (which states that the Prime Minister can be investigated when he is in office).

Here's the Government version (full of obfuscations, clauses, sub-sections, sub-sub-sub-sections, which states that the Prime Minister can be investigated only when he has demitted office).

I intend to peruse it in the next few days, that is, when I can take time off from my busy schedule. I suggest you also do the same and let's have a healthy dialogue on this blog or elsewhere. I don't mind. It's better we understand and then raise our voices instead of just shouting:

"Abhi Nahin to Kabhi Nahin," which is what I heard today while passing by Azad Maidan on my way home.

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