Sunday, August 28, 2011

So the Anna Fast Is Over, or, Is It?

Now that Anna Hazare is out of danger (Meaning he has ended another of his famous fasts. Wonder if he should be named "Fast Man."), a few random thoughts, as is my wont. Fasting should be a last resort rather than the first resort to achieve required purpose. Gandhiji didn't fast unless there was an urgent need. At least, I think so. Nowadays, you find a pandal everywhere and people - emaciated, disoriented, starving - fasting everywhere. I have seen employees of government organisations fasting for better wages and misguided youth fasting for rock concerts. (No, I made that up. Forgive me. Happenstance such is my ire at misguided fasters.) We are a nation of fasters. I have never observed a fast in my life and a few sad instances when I tried all have ended in disasters wherein I had to rush for the much needed refreshments.
That said.
I am in Kerala, a land not much affected by the Anna Hazare movement. I mean there is no frenCorruption is ominipresent here as in other parts of the country. The mafia is a potent force here. The reason is that all the capable youth are in the Gelf and making money. They hike the cost of land. A poor man can no longer build a small hut on his property and live a peaceful life. Life has gotten that much harder without jobs. Yesterday as I was being driver to his home by my brother-in-law, I saw a familiar sight. A man was weaving and staggering on the road ahead of us mouthing the worst profanities. The state goes to sleep at around 8.30 p.m. and after that it is the drunks, robbers and party workers who take to the streets. Meaning: it's unsafe. Anything can happen. Why? Because right thinking people who make up the backbone of every society is conspicuously absent or are too old and infirm to interfere. Hm.
That also said.
From where I am writing there's the sound of hens clucking, cows (what's it that cows do?), mooing, I think, and a stillness and silence that can only be felt in God's Own Country - Kerala. Guess I will stop here before my weak connection gets disconnected again. Pardon any mistakes because there's no time to change anything, anything whatever.
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wisdomjobs said...

I am shocked that Anna Hazare successfully done with his 11 days fast and still alive.....He is a real Indian

John P Matthew said...

Thanks for your comment :)