Friday, August 26, 2011

Random Thoughts on how Corrupt We Are

Short take today.Packing up for a trip to Kerala. Mother-in-law hasn't been well for some time. I don't know why men are so cheesed off with mothers-in-law. Mine is a sweet lady. Been very supporting. Hate to see some people fade away so quickly. She had an accident and hasn't been quite the same after that. So we are hoping for the best though it may be the end of the road.
On the way home today I saw several cases of people's corruption. Should I call it "subliminal corruption," or, corruption at a deep level, without even being aware of it. It's, I think, an offshoot of the corruption campaign being waged by the shrill votaries of Lokpals. Remember, I am still confused, so this might seem like ranting. I still am sitting on the fence and watching the world go by.
At Vashi station there was a crowd of people creating a big din beating on steel plates with spoons and ladles. The sight was a moving one. They were standing in a circle and hitting on steel plates making a noise that could harm their eardrums. Why this self-flagellation I ask. Why this flagellation of others? Isn't this corruption of a sort?
I see the temporary worshipping places erected on most roads. Agreed it is only for a few days. However, consider that roads are dug up to erect bamboo supports, traffic is stopped, and music is blared at all times. Isn't this corruption?
I am at the washerman's shop to collect my clothes. Our clothes are ironed by this man who charge us a fee. I keep my umbrella on the counter of the washerman and turn around to make a phone call. A man comes and takes my umbrella and is trying to walk away. I say, "Hey." The man comes to me and smilingly gives me back my umbrella. Isn't this stealing and corruption of the mind?
We are going through a phase when we are nothing but wanderers who have lost their way in the mad maze of modern life. The world is looking at us and deciding what we are doing about the deadly "C" word and how we deal ith it. So let's tighten our loinclothes and pull up our sleeves and do what is rational. We have lost a lot credibility. We can't afford to lose more.

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