Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Nothing to Write About, Except Badminton

Usually I am full of topics to blog about. There are at least four or five subjects I would love to blog about circling inside my head, begging me to develop it into something meaningful. However, today I have nothing, absolutely nothing to blog about. I think I have reached a trough in this blog. Will it go on? I think every writer feels it some time or the other, this lack of subject to write about, this emptiness. 

Speaking of emptiness Hemingway wrote (I searched and didn't find a reference anywhere on the net, so it could be one of those Internet hoaxes) he felt empty after writing, neither happy, nor sad, like after having sex. That's Hemingway speaking, not me. At least, a fake Hemingway, for all I know. You can't do it all the time, so you have to save yourself, marshal the facts, develop the ideas, gather, gather, gather, before you sit down to pen a few words each day. 

I think that's what I would do. Lay my pen down a bit. Or, give my fingers a bit of rest that it has been craving. Sometimes, I get these cramps in the fingers, I had shoulder pain also, before I started playing badminton, that is. Now that is gone. The sport invented in India which has the shuttle whizzing around the ground keeps me fit. It's a good sport and my sporting companion is my friend Henry and a young chap named Rainier (nice name that) who lives near where we play.  

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A. N. said...

Very true you're: almost every writer without exception get through this phase--the phase of sujectlessness, topic-famine, the stunted growth of ideas. This may lead to insecurity but then the phase is always short-lived.

John P Matthew said...

Hi Anant,

Truly this is the bane of every writer. What do you do by the way? A writer?
Keep coming back and reading my blog.