Sunday, August 07, 2011

"Kallu Kudichal"

Saw parts of a Malayalam movie Oru Small Family. It's about the ills of drinking.But, in a round about, vacillating sort of way. Now Kerala is a state that has a serious drinking problem, as I have written here. It has gotten so serious that people, when they don't have time to sit and drink, go straight to the cashier asks him for a "Nilppan" (meaning something drunk while standing) downs it in one swig and walks out. Of course, he pays the cashier-cum-bartender. Believe, me the problem is that serious! But instead of dealing with the problem the film endorses drinking. At least, the part I saw does. 

In Kerala "Small" means "drink." "Small adikkuka" means have a drink. So, in this instance "small family" means a "drinking family" where everyone drinks from the grandfather to the women and children. There's a song which goes "Kallu kudichal, ellolam illa kallam," something like it. Which means if you drink there isn't a grain of falsehood. I mean, how can a film promote drinking in a state that has millions of broken families because of drinks? Or, was the film made in a drunken haze? I don't understand it even a bit.

I remember seeing an interview with K Babu, the excise minister of Kerala. He said the government is establishing more "de-addiction centres" in Kerala. So, the government is doing something great, isn't it? First it makes a lot a money from taxing liquor and then establishes de-addiction centres. Instead of that why not put some breaks on drinking itself? Come on, are you being real? Are you being sincere Mr. Minister? 

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