Saturday, January 22, 2011

So, Wearing Jacket Eh? Feeling Cold?

I hate to make excuses for wearing my jacket in winter. Or, sweater for that matter. So, I will make it this once for everyone's sake and please don't tell me snarkily:

Haaahn, wearing sweater, eh? Feeling cold? eh?

Meaning to say: Showing off, eh? Showing off your sweaters and your cap?

I guess we have perfected the art of criticising others for the clothes they wear. I find this abominable habit prevalent more in Bombay and the south than in north India. The moment you have an extra garment on, they want an explanation as to why and what for. Here's why:

I live in a valley surrounded on three sides by hills. So it's cold in the morning. If Bombay is 12 degrees, we are 10 degrees or lower. So in order to protect my bones from chilling and becoming ice I need the warms of woollens and jackets.

I am not very tolerant of cold. I have a high tolerance of the heat, because I have lived in hot climates most of my life. So cold leaves me rattled and I start shivering when there is the slightest chill.

I am not a show off trying to vainly gain in your esteem by showing my LL Bean jacket and Woodland cap. I wear them because they are of good quality and do not tear. Moreover, they are comfortable. They have been with me for years and I have grown attached to them.

So, satisfied? Comment if you want here, but don't stop me and ask me why I am wearing my jacket or scarf or cap, pleaaaassseeee!

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