Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Another Bubble Building in Silicon Valley?

Another bubble is building in Silicon Valley, or, so it seems according to New York Times (I read NYT as often as I can at the American Centre as that's the newspapers that offers news and insights on a variety of topics). It says:

"These days in Silicon Valley, a billion dollars seem downright quaint" issue dated December 4, 2010.

I guess tech companies will never learn. It was such a bubble that led to the dot-com bust of the last decade. A lot of people lost their job (I am one of them.). Again companies like Zyngna (the Farmville maker on Facebook) and other start ups are ruling the roost with massive valuations. Zyngna is valued at $ 5 billion.

In another news in the same newspaper an article features Barkha Dutt on the infamous 2G scam. Says the article, "Her florid style would be familiar to most cable television viewers in the US, long accustomed to reporters who put themselves at the heart of the action."

"Florid style"?

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