Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gand Pe Lath (GPL)

This is awful, this is pitiful, this is abominable. **Groan**

Yeah, it is. I rank very high on the search word "Gand Pe Lath". What is called GPL in India. (For those who came in from other countries, this is the term used when a man is rejected by a woman, a man loses his job, is generally rejected, and it means "kicked in the ass."). Just do a search of these words and up crops my blog. Go on, try.

Hm.Sigh! You see why my blog is so popular? What to do?

I wrote this as a blog piece on "Uses and Abuses of the Word Ass" some time ago. Didn't know I would become so popular for this word - an abuse word at that. Well, there it is, me and my quirkiness.

Anothonybhai (an authority on these things) says, "Men, men, men, Johnnyboy, what men, you forgot to include 'Gand Phad', 'Gand Phatti', and 'Gandha Gand', how can you men, when I only taught you these words.

I tell him to turn around. He does. Then I swing my left leg (I am left handed, you see) the way I would do my goal kicks in my footballing years and give him a royal GPL.

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