Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cricket - a Spoilt Sport?

This shouldn't boggle the mind. No, it shouldn't, considering we all know how cricket is the spoilt brat of Indian sports. Consider this as a rant from a cricket hater, if you will. But I have to rant nevertheless. Consider the amounts involved in the coming Cricket Indian Premier League (IPL4).

Money spent on auctioning of players - Rs 282 Cr.

Total advertising expenditure - Rs 1125 Cr.

Total: Rs 1407 Cr.

So much for only one game, tournament, whatever.

We spent Rs 28,054 on the Commonwealth Games, I mean, it is all sports combined.

I went through this document of the Sports Ministry and found nothing by which I could nail a particular sport to an expenditure (you know hang them by the nail of their own making). But I knew the futility of it all, because all they want is to obfuscate and confuse. See if you can find any allocation of funds to a certain sport and mail me, or, leave a comment.

The men in flannel take away the cream of funds and starve football, hockey, volleyball, badminton, etc. Why this craze about a lazy pastime of the British? Why do we take the sport of our colonisers so seriously?

If it were a Premier League for football I would have been interested. But, cricket? No, thank you.

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