Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poor Service from Customer Support - How Long Can a Customer Suffer?

Yesterday I dialed SBI card customer support to get a problem resolved. I have a dread of using Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) and, yet, I do it all the time, trying desperately to make sense out of their thingammajig. After all, I worked in a call centre, didn't I? And I wrote the script for their voice interfaces (see, I told you before it's a nice word, eh?), didn't I? I keep hoping things would be better. But, sadly, it isn't. I had to spend almost 30 minutes to go through the various options and then when the option "dial 9 to speak to a customer support executive" came on I jumped at the chance. By this time I was totally frazzled and disoriented.

Have you faced this problem? 

Have you noticed how companies give customer service the least priority putting it into an IVR system and then if you don't give them their 16-digit number just disconnect you with an accusing "You have entered an invalid number. Please try again, goodbye." I could have choked the voice box of that pretty voice that said it. 

Such was my anger and chagrin as I was denied my justice that I wrote to the new minister for corporate affairs (Mr. Murli Deora) this letter. Hope he is able to do something about it.

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In the very least, businesses should offer gifts or coupons when they've made our lives miserable.

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