Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hierarchical or Open Organisations? What Do We Have in India?

This is only for corporate types.

I am a great fan of the blogger Confused of Calcutta. I read him regularly. He is based in London and writes knowledgeably on several technology issues that vexes us in the digital age. Me, too. Consider for example this article about what modern organisation should be, how they should function, how they should be team oriented and not hierarchy oriented. It's not enough to make a job description (JD) and tell the employee that this is what you need to do and then do a severe test on his performance (all at the instance of the boss, the team leader). This is all very well for the hierarchical organisation concerned with structure and direct performance incentives. However, it fails when it comes to optimum utilisation of the employee's inherent talents.

Therefore the millions of disgruntled - talented, I assume - employees who get disillusioned soon after they join and leave after taking a few months of salary during which time they have contributed nothing to the organisation.

I think this is where most Indian organisations fail. They hire an employee and ask him to do a job instead of fitting the job to his talents. In the process the employee is disoriented and the organisation works on several pockets of, shall I say "vacuums," in the knowledge sphere.

A common enough problem in the several technology companies I worked. But how do we resolve this problem?

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