Monday, January 10, 2011

Movies that Are Better than Books (Apparently)!

This came in the mail from someone named Tim Handorf and lists a few movies that are (presumably, I suppose) better than the books on which they were based on.

I do not agree on this count. The list features Godfather I and II as better than the novels. I found Godfather I - the movie - good, but not as gripping as the book. Still in school, many scenes of Godfather (the novel) aroused intense curiosity and amazement. Maybe, it was a part of growing up. I remember a friend giving me the novel with an admonition to read it carefully, meaning out of sight of parents. I did. For many unsuccessful oeuvres I tried to imitate Mario Puzo's style. No success! But those were the days that went by in a daze. Days of innocence and missed opportunities.

On a general note I think movies can never be better than books because books are written by writers. Hm. That's mean of me, I know. Books set off thoughts that connect to a lot besides just images. Why I say this is because I can remember scenes I read from the book better than from the film. How's that for comparison?

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