Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saw Wall Street - The New One

Saw “Wall Street” today, being as I am a big fan of the first movie. Saw it at Sterling on Murzban Road. Sterling is as beautiful as ever. I even remember some of the ushers, still the same faces, though the theatre has been done up to look different with a Subway outlet in the foyer.

Funny scene happens when the character played by Charlie Sheen in the earlier Wall Street meets Gordon Gekko at a party. Sheen – he has made a fortune that cocky guy who punches Gekko – looks all drained out while Michael Douglas looks as handsome as ever, though a bit older and wrinkled. Am a big fan of his since the movie “Coma” which is the first one of his movies I have seen. Gone is the cockiness and the panache, but he is still a competent actor.

WS I was a straight story told in a linear narrative. But this has the plot of a Hindi movie with the pregnant daughter and her wall street broker fiancĂ© and the plot a becoming a little complicated around that bit of complexity. The pace is fast, the acting is slick, the production is full of these “special effect” camera work which leaves one dazed and engrossed.

Gekko is asked “What is moral hazard?” by a woman who wants to buy his book, and he says, “ Moral hazard is when someone takes your money and is not responsible for it.” The earlier post on this blog on the Commonwealth fiasco came to mind suddenly. Are we morally hazardous? Food for thought.

There are several such dialogues that could be a match for our Bollywood fare, see it to relish them. Among them “a fisherman recognises another fisherman," close to my Bollywood heart than ever.

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