Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Ganesha’s Final Day

The colour, the pageantry, the music, the dancing is memorable. Saw the elephant-headed god on its way to immersion, today being the last day of Ganapati's ten day visit to homes. I stood transfixed as people danced on the streets their hair and clothes smeared with coloured powder, uninhibited, totally lost in their devotion. Some had bandanas tied on their heads, some were imitating their favourite star's dance moves, some were just swaying with their hands raised above their heads. All in all, a carnival atmosphere prevailed over the streets.

Hope Ganesha brings lots of blessing to his devotees.

There's something primal and atavistic about religious worship. Man needs to worship with fervour to bring out his feelings of elation and joy, which itself is a primal and primary need. It takes various forms: chanting, singing, dancing, etc.

With this begins India's festival season heralded by a break in the continuous rain we saw in the past few months. The day was brilliantly beautiful today. The clouds have cleared to let the sun in. What better than a sunny day for the God of obstacle removal to be immersed. May he herald a time of peace.

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