Wednesday, September 29, 2010

People Who Believe in Tolerance, Peace, Amity and Brotherhood, Speak Up!

It's that fateful day tomorrow when the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad court decides on a crucial verdict on the Babri Masjid. Here's our opportunity to show we are a caring people, a caring nation, a culture of tolerant people. Show the world that what they heard about the graft and unpreparedness of the Commonwealth Games is not true. Make them believe that we have forgiven all our brothers who have erred – whatever be their errant ways and deeds. Let's show them that India is not made of wretchedness and poverty but made of nobility and strength. Show them that we are one in diversity and we are a nation of right thinking people.

I know we are all these people. In the train this morning I saw how – in spite of being cooped up like sardines – a youth offered me a seat. I saw how my co-passengers saw I was uncomfortable holding my bag while standing and offered to place it on the rack for me. I saw how people would help a man board a train when there is a fear of his falling down. I have seen people put a brave face in this great country to reinforce all that is great about our land. They never asked my religion when they helped me.

Will we throw it all away tomorrow? It's time for people who believe in tolerance, peace, amity and brotherhood to speak up. So speak up.

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ms said...

the calm before the storm, i think. bracing ourselves. we are fragile. in the words of robert m pirsig, the higher the opinion we have of ourselves, the greater the difficulty in accepting new ideas. i have been trying to get hold of his email add or some source where i can write to him. do you have any advice?