Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Horrid Facts of Student Suicides

Just now, this evening when the rain has let up a leeetle bit (isolated splashes of wetness, like a tap running dry and the last drops trickling out), I was researching something for my TEDxMEC, Cochin, talk. I came across the gargantuan fact of student suicides in India which may even put back my concerns of farmer suicides. According to this article:

2006: 6000 (approx.) students committed suicide in India
2007: 7000 (approx.) students committed suicide in India

The data is frightening, if not cause for concern, at least, to me. I don’t have data for other years, nor can I hope to find it. But I am sure it is a growing menace. The amount of pressure we heap on our children is tremendous. I can imagine parents sitting everyday in front of their children with a cane repeating monotonously: “Study, study, study, or you will be a failure.” I know of instances where parents punish children unnecessarily for low grades and even go to the extent of being deliberately cruel.

This is wrong and must stop. Don' t you think?

In passing I must mention that my son Ronnie has just passed his B.E. (computer science) final examination with a first class. I have tried (in my humblest of opinions) to be a model parent at every stage of his education helping whenever I can by providing for extra tuitions when he asked for it (I know education in his college is not up to the mark). Whatever I have promised him, I have done for him. I realised that I shouldn’t spoil his childhood by being harsh like mine has been. (Well, that’s another point to elaborate in my autobiography, if written, if published. Ha!) I never rebuked him for watching television or surfing the net even during his exams. I am proud of this fact. No idle boast. He has had good friends. I guess all children are responsible, even more responsible than we think they are and we must let them be and make them aware of their responsibilities. Then the world would be a good place, really.

So if any parent is reading this please, desist from putting undue pressure on your children. 

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