Sunday, September 12, 2010

Julio Iglesias and Enrique Iglesias - the Contrasts

I was watching a video of Enrique Iglesias with my son and what I saw made a somewhat profound impact on me. Impact meaning one contrast and one of driving home the difference between Enrique and his father Julio of whose music too I am a great fan (remember Guantanamera, Tango, The Little Drummer Boy, etc.). There were many songs, very hummable and melodic, exact wordings of some of which I couldn’t find online. Never mind.

I don’t know if it is a generational thing. There I am sitting with my son, and I am impressed by the showmanship, pyrotechnics, the laser lights, the wild gyrations, the sexy stances, the taking of pictures of his own crotch with a viewer’s camera, etc. But, I couldn’t but help wonder at the difference between father and son – Julio and Enrique (Julio’s son from his first marriage to Filpina Isabel Preysler.). He was like, like, hyper. I mean hyper as in hyper active. Whereas Julio was know for melodious and staid performances in a suit – at times in a bow tie – his son wears jeans and tee-shirt and jumps around the stage unmindful of the way he looks, sweat dripping from his face. The performance is all manufactured with lights, wee lights held in hand to be waved (what do they call them?), such like.

I guess it’s a generational thing. I bridged that generation, as I wear a suit sometimes and a tee-shirt when the occasion demands, but I didn’t quite know how to place that performance. May be the kids these days are wild and uninhibited like Enrique and want to enjoy themselves, whatever be the consequence. Those days we had to buy a cassette to listen to a singer or listen to it on the radio channel (AM not FM). These days music and videos are available on the net, it's all around, people are listening on trains, in cars, and, most disturbingly, while working in offices. Songs aren't bought they are downloaded. Literally anything is available for download on Isn't there somewhere we have to draw a line between legitimacy and piracy? Or, okay, okay, I am growing old. 

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