Monday, September 13, 2010

It’s Raj Kapoor and not Charlie Chaplin, Silly!

The poor sod didn't know Raj Kapoor. Rarely, as I do these days, I watched Channel V where a guy was serenading a girl dressed in the costume made famous by Raj Kapoor on "Awara" (Gals and guys who don't know who Raj Kapoor is and what "Awara" means please to be referring this article on Wikipedia.). The girl was asked to identify the character, meaning the actor and she kept saying "Charlie Chaplin."

Of course Charlie Chaplin also played the tramp. But Raj Kapoor had what is called a "hairline" moustache and Chaplin had what is called a "Toothbrush" moustache. And I don't know if Chaplin folded his trousers at the bottom, but Kapoor did. There were many other differences, but not many come to mind in this mind tired of the toils of daily living. But then who am I to set right cinematic history? Who cares for history in this hip grinding, pelvis thrusting, bone-crushing, movements of the silver screen on which the master showman and thespian once ruled. Who remembers when his own, his very own, have stopped being proud of him.

The generation of today don't know who Raj Kapoor is, but they know who Chaplin is. Gah! Absolute disgrace to an icon of Indian cinema.


A. K. said...

It's sad to hear but it was not entirely her fault after all Raj Kapoor Character on "Awara" was a complete rip off Charlie Chaplin. The character is a 99% rip off Charlie Chaplin besides the moustache. What about Mera Naam Joker even that character is a 70% rip off Charlie Chaplin.

I guess it was not entirely her fault..

John said...

A.K. rip off or no, but i think he was uniquely Indian.

Thanks for commenting :)

A. K. said...

Am not saying he is not a good actor. Even I consider him as one of the greatest Indian Actor. His movies are always entertaining no matter how many time you watch it..

It might come as a surprise but I find movies from the 50's to late 80's much better than what they have now...

Anonymous said...

Both are great legends. And Chaplin was Raj's idol. He wanted to live completely like him. In india Raj is still famous. And his grandson starts making him more famous. He models his roles on his grandfathers tramp and created the modern tramp. And Raj lives on in the heritage he gave to his children and grandchildren and so on. He will never die. And Chaplin will never die, too.