Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Rant, in the Fitness of Things

It's interesting to note how powerful people use their power for their own personal ends. The politician does it to gather more money, the businessman does it to be a leading figure in the industry and for market share, the film star does it to get more admirers, and the shrew uses it to further its agenda. Yeah. Was victim of such a stick recently and am still smarting, sort of, brain is addled so much I can't think straight, yeah, think straight, I can't. Can't mention specifics but suffice to say that it hurts and hurts real bad. I flew into a rage, then calmed down seeing as I was getting nowhere. Raging doesn't seem to help when grinning and bearing is the better alternative, does it? So grin and bear. But is that decreasing my resolve to be where I want to be? My goals, do they end here. No. I am stronger than ever in mind and in body. Perhaps a little wiser. Wisdom doesn't end with age it goes even further. The more wiser you are you tend to be better than the adversary.

The so a much looked forward to break is not to be. Ah, hm, er, what to say? Eh? If you are wondering what this rant is all about, will disclose it at a later date. It's too premature now. It's stupid. Sort of too personal, so suffer I must the constricting mindscape of tremulous hands and trembling lips and what more? Nothing. It seeps in stealthily, it leaves one in jitters. But there's a way of turning it into something, may be a rage so concentrated and focussed the enemy is rendered speechless and immobile.

Lost my head at something trivial. Saw today on Fox Television how we are f***ing up the earth and contributing to the warming, raining, melting, and ultimate Armageddon. But we don't seem to care. Sigh! Why should I. The world goes on merrily as if winning a drug addict's and wife beater's hand in marriage is the greatest show on television. Also the wedding of one good-for-nothing lass whose rubber mouth one would like to smack with the back of one's hand. Sorry, readers, just blame it on the bad mood. Grumph.

Colleague says George Bush said, "We shouldn't plan for the next quarter, we should plan for the next generation." If he said that he is a very wise man. But I have my doubts. Amen.

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