Friday, May 07, 2010

Why are girls everywhere wearing veils?

A masked form zips by on a scooter. I look, I stare. It’s a girl. A scarf is tied around her head, hiding her forehead and face, leaving only a small visor-like gap for the eyes. Is it the pollution? I doubt it. Is it? By any chance? Bunkum, says an inside voice.

Why are girls everywhere wearing masks or veils? Why are they making a self-imposed purdah for themselves? I see this happening in small towns and large metropolitan cities, with their supposedly liberated social values and modern God-alone-knows-what. Actually I am zero in all matters concerning girls. So help me out, poor, doubt-obsessed, blogger uncle-ji.

Is it to escape something unsavoury episode they went through, may be, when still innocent of the ways of the bad world? Let say small town girls wear it to get some privacy for themselves, so that they can do what they please (like going to the movies) without being identified and witch hunted.

But girls in a city like Bombai? The girls here are all bold and “apunko-marega-tho-hum-bhi-do-jhapad-marege-types.” Or is it a propaganda aimed at stating our girls are not protected, not allowed the freedom to discover their own world? What then of the strident rhetoric, issuing out of beautiful, lip-stick-and-mascara-ed parvenus of gender freedom and equality? Have they achieved anything?

Or are they still an oppressed lot, made to sacrifice on food, education and a meaningful life. If true, this is sad.

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ms said...

i think it is to protect their skin from dust and sun. mostly see pillion riders covered up, female drivers even have gloves that go up way past their elbows - very audreyhepburnish in myfairlady. some of them do brave the elements! but will begin my observation and report, sir! i was always amazed when i saw veiled women in aus and NZ - couldn't understand why they would still follow opressive practices when they were living in progressive countries. the men said it was for their own protection. believe me, they were in no danger from locals who had their own scantily clad women to oggle at!! maybe it was to protect them from their own males who were overwhelmed at the display of exposed skin. a cleric in sydney called them "uncovered pieces of meat tempting the men". the world is changing fast to accomodate the sentiments of a few. if mid-east countries have imposed a dress code on visiting females, then they should also be made to follow the dress codes of countries THEY visit: quid pro quo. and religious feelings are always served up as an excuse. well, stay back in your own countries if you can't respect the lifestyle of countries you visit!! europe is waking up now to the danger to their way of life and culture. it is too late to impose restrictions on the veil: human rights violations. whattay joke. 17 indians on deathrow for the death of ONE man. have you noticed something? people who are guilty of the most horrendous human rights violations are the most vociferous about their own demands for justice!